Miraka Milk Powder Plant



Miraka Milk Powder Plant, Taupo, New Zealand

Quoted from Miraka Media Release 1 August 2011

 The country’s first Maori owned whole milk powder plant – Miraka – near Taupo swung into production this month (August 2011) on time and within budget.

The state of the art $90 million dollar plant at Mokai, 30 kn northwest of Taupo is the cornerstone of a unique alliance of Maori trusts and incorporations.

 The plant which started processing milk on 1 August uses renewable steam and electricity from the nearby Tuaropaki geothermal power station and employs 30 staff.  Facilities include a milk reception area, evaporator, spray drying facility and warehouse.

Treated wastewater from the plant is irrigated on to farmland owned by the Tuaropaki Trust with waste solids disposed on to the trust’s worm farm.

 Chief Executive Officer Richard Wyeth said the project phase had been completed on time and within budget and the plant was operating at over 80 percent capacity as planned.  He said shareholder suppliers were contributing a significant amount of the raw milk to the factory.  The remainder of suppliers were other Maori Trusts and private farmers attracted by the guaranteed milk price and the fact that there was no requirement to take up shares.

My Wyeth said the plant was capable of processing 210 million litres of milk per annum from 55,000 cows – turning out eight tonne of whole milk powder per hour.

“We have the technology to produce top quality milk powder and being smaller have the flexibility to develop strong relationships with end users by taking time to understand their business requirements.”

He said the plant has been designed to allow further expansion but initially the focus was on processing top quality milk powder and building a solid foundation of suppliers and customers.


Miraka Milk Powder Plant  16th June 2011

Miraka Milk Powder Plant - 16 June 2011