What We Do

We are a business who is dedicated to our customer needs and focus in the following industries - Dairy, Packaging and Print.

SKL8 is built around highly skilled individuals with over 20 years experience in these industries who have the ability to keep ahead of our competitors by challenging traditional methods and maximising the use of new technology.

We source our ideas and equipment globally and have built up a reputable supply base with the same vision as we have to ensure we deliver cost effective solutions to the industry as well as providing world class performance statistics.

The reason we can achieve this is that we understand the businesses well and can apply solutions around the operational management required to run the business once the project completed.

Featured Project

Miraka Milk Powder Plant, Taupo, New Zealand

Miraka Milk Powder Plant

SKL8 is currently the main contractor for the Miraka Powder Plant build and the project is currently in progress.  We have used our expertise to provide the client with the most cost effective solution without compromising quality or performance.  This has been done by an innovative design to ensure the client is competitive in the market and ensuring capital costs and operational costs are taken into account to provide long term sustainability.



Turnkey project management
We can provide complete projects from conception to completion. This includes all design work, fabrication and installation. We can tailor a solution to fit all customers requirements.

Reverse Osmosis

Reverse Osmosis

SKL8 can provide RO solutions for waste water treatment and condensate treatment to ensure the quality of water discharge meets process water standards or irrigation standards.